Budding reporter making the news

VOICE, presentation and intonation are essential to get right when reporting the news.
However, there is a lot more to the job than just a deep voice, a clean shirt or knowing when to pause ... for ... effect or to stress the right words as Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Darra, student Tom Davis found.
Tom (or Max Abbott as he is known in news circles) let his personality shine through when reporting on “residents seek action” to win a top prize in the ABC Splash's “Making the News” 90-second News Challenge.
The challenge invited students from all over the country to try their hand at news reporting, by using a smartphone to film a story in response to the question: “What do we need to know about your community?”.
More than 50 students scripted a report, began filming, and sent in their results.
The news reports that came in ranged from the silly to the serious, and covered topics as broad-ranging as robotics, aqua sports, scouts, technology over the generations, jump rope, football and community radio.
With a little help from his family and friends, Tom took on a local issue, the facilities, or lack of, at a local park.
Tom “video cross” featured an interview on location, while making sure his appearance looked professional, as he spoke to the camera, looking directly towards it.
It won him praise from the competition judges.
“The judges said I had good eye contact and looked very professional,” Tom said.
 The budding reporter said he had to practice really hard for the presentation, but it was fun to do.
“My friends in my neighbourhood always wish that we had something for us at the park, so I thought this would be good to speak about,” he said.
“My mum held the camera and I interviewed my dad,” he said.
 “I was so excited to win and we had a celebration when I found out,” he said.