Religious Education at OLSH

“As it is the parents who have given life to their children, on them lies the gravest obligation of educating their family.  They must therefore be recognised as being primarily and principally responsible for their education.  The role of parents in education is of such  importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute."

 (Vatican 11, Declaration on Christian Education)

There are two dimensions to Religious Education at our school.  The first dimension is teaching students religion.  This is an educational activity that focuses on the teaching and learning of religion.  Teaching religion normally takes place in a classroom setting and makes use of a range of learning processes and resources.  Teaching students religion aims to assist students to develop their religious literacy so that they can participate in a critical and effective way in their faith communities and the wider society.  Teaching students religion has an educational framework and educational expectations similar to other learning areas of the curriculum.

The second dimension of Religious Education is teaching students to be religious in the context of the Catholic Christian tradition.  This is a faith development activity focused on nurturing the religious, spiritual and faith growth of students.  The faith development of students in the religious life of their school takes place in the context of the religious identity and culture of the school; activities promoting evangelising and faith formation, times of prayer and worship, and opportunities for social action and justice. 

In this school, teaching students religion and teaching students to be religious draw on the Catholic Christian tradition in ways that are sensitive to our local school community context.  These two distinctive dimensions of religious education are complementary and reinforce each other in the religious education and faith formation of students.

Our Religious Education program was validated in June 2016 by Brisbane Catholic Education.  Students of all faith traditions are welcomed and encouraged to share their beliefs and practices with a view to broadening religious tolerance and understanding.


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