School Charism

​​'Charism' refers to a call from God given to an individual, deep within their heart. This call leads to an uncontrollable desire to spread their unique message to the world. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School embraces the charism of Fr Jules Chevalier, the founder of The Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.   

Fr Chevaliers's message was that 'God is love'. He was driven to tell the world the truth that God loves you unconditionally. This charism, which is expressed as a 'Spirituality of the Heart', is important for the school community. It was and remains today, the driving force behind The Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the​ sisters who founded the school.

Understanding that God is love, and the depth of His love, is a beautiful and simple concept for students and adults to grasp. Expressing our charism provides a pathway through which our school community can interpret and give voice to the centrality of Jesus Christ. We draw inspiration and direction from the stories and spirituality of Fr Jules Chevalier and the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. 

It provides a spiritual energy which aims to permeate our staff, students, families, values and stories.

Understanding and embracing our school charism and enhancing our Catholic identity, is integral in school strategic planning and within the Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan.