The Arts

Music an​​d Art

​Music and Art (Visual Arts) are strands of The Arts syllabus, one of the Key Learning Areas of the Years Prep -10 Queensland Curriculum. Each of these strands is taught by a specialist teacher who pl​​ans from the syllabus. Art lessons are held in the Art room which was set up and furnished in 2016. Music lessons are held in the Music room.

Instrum​​ental Music

Lessons in k​​eyboard / piano, wind instruments, guitar (modern and classical), string (violin, viola and cello) and drums are provided by private tutors for those children who wish to participate. Fees are charged for the lessons which are held during school hours.

Media, Drama an​d Dance

Media, Drama and Dance, the remaining strands of the Arts syllabus are taught by a specialist teacher who plans fr​om the syllabus. Lessons are taught in the school hall.