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 Enrolment Policy

Purpose: To describe the basis upon which school enrolment eligibility will be determined.

Context: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic School is a community of children, parents and staff within the Darra-Jindalee Parish.

OLSH School is an inclusive school where enrolment is open to Catholic, and where possible, non-Catholic children. Our enrolment capacity is determined by our physical resources and our ability to cater for the holistic education of each child.

Policy: Only children who are aged five by 30 June in the year prior to commencement are eligible for enrolment in Year One, the first year of compulsory schooling.


Birth Date ​Eligible for Prep ​Eligible for Year One
​1/7/2008 to 30/6/2009 ​2014 ​2015
​1/7/2009 to 30/6/2010 ​2015 ​2016
​1/7/2010 to 30/6/2011 ​2016 ​2017
1/7/2011 to 30/6/2012 ​2017 2018
1/7/2012 to 30/6/2013 2018 2019
1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014 2019 2020
​1/7/2014 to 30/6/2015 2020 ​2021
​1/7/2015 to 30/6/2016 2021​ ​2022

 Preference will be accorded in order of the following criteria, subject to the provision of a Baptism certificate: -

  • Children of members of Darra-Jindalee Catholic Parish
  • Siblings of students attending OLSH
  • Other Catholic children
  • Children transferring from a Catholic school
  • Non-Catholic children living in the Parish area
  • Non-Catholic children beyond the Parish area

Special Needs Enrolments are conducted according the BCE Policy and Guidelines

Enrolment processes at OLSH School should provide the maximum opportunity for potential students to be accepted at the school. These processes should be co-ordinated with those of neighbouring Catholic Schools to ensure that students who are unsuccessful with their enrolment application at one school are, wherever possible, offered a place at the alternative school within the parish.

The Principal may consider other factors (such as the date of receipt) in determining enrolment offers. At all times, the Principal has the right to refuse an enrolment if the criteria as set by the Catholic Education Council can not be satisfied.