​​​​Tuckshop operates 3 days a week - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The tuckshop is managed by a convenor, Aga Sandurski, and staffed voluntarily by parents. Parents are also invited to be part of a home ​​baking roster and a condiment donation roster.

Lunches and afternoon teas are provided, as well as milk and fruit juices.  Below is the current menu.​

OLSH Tuckshop Menu 2021 .pdf

Order Tuckshop via the QKR App - NO CASH


All parents and carers have access to the QKR App (pronounced – Quicker) which supports our online tuckshop ordering system.  Click here for step by step instructions to register for QKR. 

Tuckshop is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

Please place your Breakfast orders before​ 7.45am.  The pre-ordered scrolls will be served in a paper bag and students can collect the breakfast items (scrolls, milk and fruit) from the tuckshop window from 8.10-8.30am.

Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Birthday Bucket orders to be placed before 8.30am.

When you register your child on QKR, it is very important to insert your child's correct class (Year group and Colour) - this ensures food/drinks are delivered to the correct classroom.​