​Tuckshop will now be operating 3 days a week - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The tuckshop is managed by a convenor Aimee Tia and staffed voluntarily by parents. Parents are also invited to be part of a home ​​baking roster and a condiment donation roster.

A tuckshop menu is issued each school year.​ Lunches and afternoon teas are provided, as well as milk and fruit juices.

If your child is buying lun​​ch, write the name, grade and order on a paper bag with the exact amount inside. If the child is ordering lunch and afternoon tea, each order must be written on a separate bag. Incorrect amounts of money tendered and change given will be noted in a circle on lunch bags on collection.

All students are to place their orders for lunch and afternoon tea in the box in their class-room. Lunches are collected in c​​lass boxes from the tuckshop and distributed in the presence of a teacher.

Ice-blocks are sold ​at the tuckshop counter between 11:15pm and 11:30 pm only.