Parents and Friends' Association

​​The Parents and Friends’ Association is a great way to meet others and work together to make our school a better place. P&F Association work together with our school to achieve the strategic planning goals, with a focus on fun and funraising! The P&F meets on the second Monday of each term, held in the boardroom. During the year several fund-raising and social events are held. A school fete is held every second year. Funds raised by the P&F Association provide resources for our children. All parents are encouraged to be a​​ctive in the association by attending meetings and contributing to the running of the various events.

P&F committee.jpg
                        Luisa               Emily                 Toby                     Gene                     Nathan

Our P & F committee for 2020 is:

President - Gene Lambert
Vice President - Luisa Laughren
Vice President - Nathan Nowlan
Secretary - Toby Grant
Treasurer - Emily deVries