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 Descriptive Information

Distinctive curriculum offerings

Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts lessons are taught by specialist teachers. Instrumental music lessons are offered to students by private teachers. Children may learn keyboard, guitar, brass and woodwind. As part of the Physical Education program students in Years 4-6 take part in a canoeing program.

Extra Curricular activities

Every second year the school presents a Musical in which all students. Preparation for this involves students in The Arts KLA, especially the Music, Visual Arts and Drama & Dance strands.

Staff Development Priorities

The English and Mathematics syllabuses have been a focus for staff development this year.

Social Climate of the School

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is a multi-cultural school with more than 30 cultures/nationalities represented in the student body. The Parish of Darra-Jindalee which is the main catchment for the school includes the suburbs/localities of Darra, the Centenary suburbs and new developments such as Sinnamon Park. This is a very diverse socio-economic community ranging from working class families to those in professional occupations.

Strategies used for involving Parents in their children’s education

Parents of Prep students are interviewed in the first week of the school year. The other Year levels hold a Parent Information night early in Term 1. Parent-teacher interviews for all Year levels are held at the end of Term 1. Each class conducts a 'Celebration of Learning' presentation once a year either during the day or in the evening. This provides an opportunity for the students to showcase their work to their parents and families. Parents are offered training in the 'Support-a-Reader' program. These parents then volunteer to assist teachers by listening to children read.


Teacher Qualifications

Masters Degrees 2

Bachelor Degrees 17

Diplomas 12

Graduate Diplomas 9

Certificates 6

Expenditure on and Teacher Participation in Professional Learning

Expenditure on Professional Development including teacher release, cost of courses and course materials totalled $12870. All teachers are given equal access to Professional learning opportunities. All staff, including school officers, participated in the Enneagram workshop.

Average Staff Attendance for the School


Proportion of Teaching Staff retained from the previous year


Average Student Attendance for the year